My Thoughts on Whole30

‚ÄčI just completed the Whole30 challenge and I feel so good! The Whole30 challenge is eating clean for thirty days straight with no dairy, grains, legumes, sugar or even natural occurring sugars in maple syrup or Stevia. You also aren’t supposed to eat too much fruit because of all the natural sugars in this as well. Basically I’ve just been eating vegetables and lean protein! Which isn’t that different from how I normally eat though I do indulge in treats from time to time and I love fruit! Last month I had a number of parties and events to go to and I ended up over indulging in sweets and unhealthy foods (hello deep fried appies!) so I need a kickstart to get my meals back on track.

It’s interesting when you start the Whole30 challenge that your body is constantly craving sugar when it’s no longer allowed to have it. Even if you don’t eat a lot of sugar like me suddenly when your body can’t have it anymore of course increases the cravings. I would say the first week of the Whole30 challenge was the most difficult however now on day 30 it’s become apart of my routine. I’m actually considering doing this for another 30 days to see how my body feels. The only annoying thing is when you are trying to go out for food or having meals with friends or family. I hate feeling like a burden with all of my food restrictions but everyone has been very accommodating and nice about it. Everyone can’t believe how healthy I eat and they want to try it too!

Have you heard of the Whole30 challenge and would you consider doing it?